Etteplan | Tedopres offers rewriting services to help you convert existing documentation into Simplified Technical English. The following sample was rewritten using the HyperSTE Simplified Technical English checker tool.

Example, before and after

BEFORE - Original Text:

Clean the turret dome chassis thermal window securing screw threaded holes and the thermal window 16 securing screws of all previously used sealant using solvent.

AFTER - Text rewritten using HyperSTE:

Clean the screw threaded holes and the 16 securing screws of the thermal window. Use solvent to remove all sealant.

As this sample demonstrates, the use of long noun clusters will make the text too complex. Therefore, do not use more than 3 nouns in a long noun cluster and use simple verbs instead of complex verbs.

If we look at another example:

"Turn off the engines not required"

This could mean:

"Turn off the engines that are not required", or

"Turning off the engines is not required".

These are two very different meanings which could cause damage, injury or even worse.


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