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“After Etteplan’s modernisation we have received nothing but positive feedback and have seen some great business results.”

Pasi Savola, Director, Head of Technical Communication at Danfoss Drives

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Etteplan provides a full range of services to help authors create the best possible content, while saving cost in the meantime.

Services include:

  • Training courses for authors to learn how to write clear, concise and consistent content
  • Dictionary building, in order to standardize on company and industry terms
  • Post-training support, either following an HyperSTE implementation or training course
  • Etteplan STE, in case you are looking to outsource your technical writing needs

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Etteplan offers training courses in the following forms:

  • As part of an HyperSTE implementation
  • Closed training courses
  • Open training courses

These training courses, which usually take place at the customer site but can also be given from any of our Etteplan offices, take 2 days, during which the autors will learn how and why to create in a clear and consice way.

Our trainers have over 15 years of experience in providing STE and good writing practices training. Upon request, we can provide a more detailed resume of one of our trainers.

Our training courses are highly valued by our customers.

Dictionary building

As the use of clear and consistent terminology is important in creating content quality, it is necessary to build a dictionary that contains company and industry specific terminology that is standardized, which means that one word can only have one meaning.

Etteplan provides the following services in this field:

  • Linguistic & statistical analysis
  • Review to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Dictionary building: The review of the terminology list will result in one or more dictionaries with approved and non-approved terms that will also serve as a basis for any translations, as this will help save translation cost and improve the quality of the translations. The dictionaries are used by HyperSTE to provide the writer with guidance and quality control.

Post-training support

Following an HyperSTE implementation or a training course in writing, Etteplan offers additional support services that include:

  • Assist technical authors with applying the writing rules to their documentation
  • Finalize a customer-specific implementation plan, that describes how HyperSTE should be used in the process regarding tools and roles
  • Set up a quality assurance process for authoring
  • Create a roadmap and milestones for cost and time savings as a result of using HyperSTE

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Etteplan STE

Etteplan STE is a service combining the proven method for content quality authoring with our advanced HyperSTE software to produce high-quality English content for technical product documentation. The value of the rewriting service is based on improved precision of language, better readability of text and reduced word count that can result in up to 40% cost savings in translation and localization costs. The user benefits from easy-to-understand and unambiguous technical materials that enhance product safety.

Many customers including Philips, Electrolux, Rolls-Royce, Air France | KLM and Elekta have benefited from Etteplan STE.

For more information on how Etteplan STE can help you with your technical documentation needs, please contact us today.

“Finding unexpected translation issues when we worked on our own content was a crucial convincer to the team.”

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