ASD-STE100, Simplified Technical English for aerospace and defense

ASD-STE100, the aerospace and defense specification for writing in Simplified Technical English

English is the official language for technical documentation in the aerospace and defense industries. However, many end-users are confused by complex sentence structures and by the number of different meanings and synonyms of English words. This applies to end-users who are not native English speakers, but also to native English speakers.

ASD Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100), formerly known as AECMA Simplified English, is an international specification for writing aerospace and defense documentation. The use of this technical writing specification is mandatory for many commercial and military projects worldwide. S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200 require the use of ASD Simplified Technical English for any documentation in English.

As a result of joint efforts of ASD (Aerospace and Defense Industries Association of Europe, formerly known as AECMA) and AIA (Aerospace Industries Association of America), the first issue of the Simplified Technical English specification for the aerospace and defense industries was released in 1986.

We are currently at issue 7 of the specification. The official name is:

ASD SIMPLIFIED TECHNICAL ENGLISH, Specification ASD-STE100, European Community Trade Mark No. 004901195 “International specification for the preparation of maintenance documentation in a controlled language”.

ASD Simplified Technical English is an international writing standard that is characterized by a defined grammar and syntax rules, and a limited vocabulary. Today the specification is maintained by ASD and AIA members, which include companies such as British Aerospace, Airbus, Aermacchi, The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, Rolls-Royce, EADS, Dassault and Saab Aerosystems.

ASD Simplified Technical English has become a requirement for the following specifications:

  • S1000D, an international standard for defense and aerospace documentation (AECMA/ASD)
  • ATA iSpec2200 (formerly ATA iSpec 100), an ATA (American Transportation Association) standard for aircraft maintenance documentation

For more information about what STE is and how to implement ASD-STE100, visit this page.

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