Etteplan to speak at CIDM Journeys, Phoenix, September 21-23 2020

Join the Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) for the 22nd Annual DITA North America conference in Phoenix, Arizona, September 21-23, 2020. This conference invites those new to and experienced in content management and/or structured authoring to gain strategies that they can implement immediately as they create and manage technical content using XML architectures such as DITA.

Held in conjunction with the DITA North America conference, CIDM is proud to present Journeys 2020. This conference invites leaders from any and all content-producing organizations within a corporation to focus their collective attention on the needs of the customer at each major customer contact point.

Berry Braster, Technology Director at Etteplan, will talk about the role of content quality as part of an organization’s content strategy, and show you what steps need to be in place to make the journey from identifying the need to having it successfully in place as smooth as possible.

Content quality plays an important role in your customer’s information needs, as it positively affects how you give information on installation, training, use, support and troubleshooting: in a clear and understandable way, which also saves costs in the meantime. However, simply using a standardized terminology list or having a style guide in place is only part of the solution. Managing and enforcing on terminology and writing rules across the board, getting people trained, breaking down silos and putting processes and tools in place is what ultimately will help you get there.

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