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If you are looking for content governance across your organization's product information to ensure quality and consistency across the board, then HyperSTE Professional is the solution for you.

HyperSTE Professional allows you to do quality checks of your content against 60+ writing rules for terminology, spelling, grammar, length, style and structure. You can also create reports on single or multiple documents for insight on quality metrics.

HyperSTE Professional is available as a plugin to multiple authoring environments. It comes out-of-the-box with over 3,000 words in the core dictionary plus you can create and manage additional terms across your organization by collaborating on company-wide terms and other dictionaries, which you can share with your entire organization thanks to the Terminology Viewer.

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The main difference is that HyperSTE Basic is available for Microsoft Word only, plus it is not possible to share your dictionary with other HyperSTE Basic users, which makes the Professional version very suitable for companies with up to 50 users. HyperSTE Professional also comes with a Terminology Viewer feature, which allows your entire organization access to your terms. HyperSTE Basic also does not include the sentence management feature, that is available with the Professional and Enterprise versions. HyperSTE Enterprise is more suitable for companies that have more than 50 users.


HyperSTE will absolutely bring consistency and simplification to the authoring process. It was a good business decision to go to STE as we become more and more intertwined globally.

The instructors were fantastic. Intelligent and accessible. I enjoyed the in-depth explanations about how to use language in an efficient way that is for the reader, not the writer. In the best of ways, I felt like I was back in university.

By standardizing the process and structuring the content, many parts of the manuals can be exchanged, which saved a lot of time and money. For example, we now save up to 50% on translation costs.

Additional Features

With HyperSTE Professional you also get a sentence database that allows users to reuse each other’s compliant and clear sentences, which can help save writing time, but also helps save even further on translation costs.

HyperSTE Professional is fully customizable to your specific content quality needs: you can create different profiles based on whichever rule sets you would like it to check against, plus it’s possible to do conditional checking based on the (XML) tags, fonts or styles you use in your documentation.

HyperSTE Professional also allows you to use up to three dictionaries at the same time: the core dictionary, your company dictionary plus project specific dictionaries in case terminology used is customer, project or division specific.

HyperSTE Professional is available for only €75 per month, for which you receive the plugin for up to 2 supported authoring environments.


Checks content

Checks your content against 60+ writing rules

Metrics reports

Reports for metrics


Available as a plugin to support various authoring applications, including Microsoft Word, Adobe Framemaker, PTC Arbortext Editor, Oxygen XML Author, Oxygen XML Editor, and Madcap Flare.

Core dictionary

Comes with core dictionary with over 3,000 words

Portal access

Access to online portal with editor for checking content, terminology management and profile management, which can be shared by all users

Update own dictionary

Ability to update and maintain your company dictionary with additional terms


Technical support available through


Great value for companies with up to 50 users

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