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HyperSTE is the leading technical writing software that checks your content against rules that will optimize your content for clarity, quality and cost savings.

Ensure content governance and create content with HyperSTE that is Clear, Consistent & Concise!

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“The small details can have large impacts on efficiency.”
Elekta, Medical Devices
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HyperSTE is integrated into your authoring software and checks your content based on rules for terminology, spelling, grammar, length, style and structure. As a plugin to your technical writing software, HyperSTE assists the writer with creating content that is more suitable for a global audience and is more cost-effective. HyperSTE also allows you to create extensive reports to get metrics on quality, improvement areas, comparisons and more. Thanks to its unique sentence memory, it’s also possible for technical writers and subject matter experts to reuse each other’s compliant sentences, which will save additional editing time and translation costs.

HyperSTE is available as a Cloud version and as an On-Premise version. The cloud version comes in three versions: Basic, Professional and Enterprise.

With HyperSTE Basic (only available for Word) you get all the features but you can only work with your own dictionary in order to manage your terminology. The sentence memory is also not included. This version is very suitable for individual users and freelance writers.

With HyperSTE Professional (supporting additional authoring platforms in addition to Word) you get all the features, sentence memory as well as the ability to manage terminology company-wide. This version is suitable for companies with up to 50 users.

For enterprises that have more than 50 users, we offer HyperSTE Enterprise.

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Linguistic Support

HyperSTE allows you to check your content for compliance against a wide range of style guides, rule sets, and controlled languages, including:

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HyperSTE is integrated into many authoring environments, including:

  • Microsoft Word
  • PTC Arbortext Editor
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Oxygen XML Author and Editor
  • Madcap Flare
  • JustSystems XMetaL and XMAX
  • WebX Systems UltraAuthor
  • Raytheon EAGLE

We also offer HyperSTE Desktop, a standalone version of HyperSTE, that allows checking of HTML and PDF files, amongst others.

We have managed multiple integrations with content management systems with our broad network of partners, including Ixiasoft DITA CMS, SDL Tridion, R4i, Fischer TIM-RS and PTC Windchill.

“The instructors were fantastic. Intelligent and accessible. I enjoyed the in-depth explanations about how to use language in an efficient way that is for the reader, not the writer. In the best of ways, I felt like I was back in university.”
Texas Instruments, Semiconductors