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The Importance of Developing Quality Content

In a world of globalization, outsourcing and PaaS (Product as a Service) business models, the need for high-quality information is vital and ultimately the key to a company’s success. But what is quality content, and how do we successfully implement this in our orga...
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Technical Writing around the Globe, the Key to Success and Challenges to Overcome

As global businesses and consumers are looking for proper documentation to accompany the products they buy, not in the last place because maintenance/service has become more important, the need for high-quality technical information is vital and ultimately the key to a co...
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HyperSTE – Content Optimization in the Cloud

Are you are looking to optimize your content to make it follow your style guide, create consistency across your (global) writing team, and save costs while you’re at it? Then join us for this 30-minute webinar, during which we will show you how HyperSTE will meet th...
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CAAC – Civil Aviation Administration of China announces the use of Simplified Technical English

The CAAC – Civil Aviation Administration of China announces the use of ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English as part of an English language requirement for maintenance technicians in China. This means that technical documentation used by aviation companies in Chin...
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Etteplan to speak at CIDM Journeys, Phoenix, September 21-23 2020

Join the Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) for the 22nd Annual DITA North America conference in Phoenix, Arizona, September 21-23, 2020. This conference invites those new to and experienced in content management and/or structured authoring to gain strat...
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