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STE for Field Service

Why is Technical Documentation Critical for Field Service? Here is evidence from The Aberdeen Group that the shift to field service and documentation is happening. Revenue growth is focused on improved service delivery with the top goals for “best in class” companies: ​Im...
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What’s Your Quality Score?

What’s The Quality Score of Your Technical Documentation? If you care about the financial health of your company, why do you also need to care about the quality score of your company’s technical documentation? You have quality initiatives in every area of your business, b...
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Exceed Your Business Goals

How to Improve Technical Documentation to Exceed Your Business Goals Creating technical documentation that is clear, concise, and consistent will ensure safe and easy installation, use, and maintenance of your products by your clients or your service technicians. This res...
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Webinar – Enterprise Value of STE

(33 minutes) JANA’s Don Bridges and Etteplan’s Berry Braster explain what Simplified Technical English (STE) is and how it can help your technical information group tackle some key business issues. This is a preview. To see the whole webinar, please login or r...
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Webinar – Connecting STE to IoT

The role of Simplified Technical English as part of your IoT and Service Business strategies
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