Great Technical Documentation Leads to Great Customer Experience

What kind of customer experience (CX) are you providing your customers? And how do you know, have you asked them? The technical documentation and support you provide customers after the sale and installation of your product is critical to CX and your customer’s perception of your professionalism and competence. Customers want to be able to

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Why is Technical Documentation Critical for Field Service?

Here is evidence from The Aberdeen Group that the shift to field service and documentation is happening. Revenue growth is focused on improved service delivery with the top goals for “best in class” companies: ​Improve customer retention/loyalty/satisfaction = 58% Improve service-related profitability = 54% Improve quality/relevance of service data = 53% Improve service information capabilities

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What’s The Quality Score of Your Technical Documentation?

If you care about the financial health of your company, why do you also need to care about the quality score of your company’s technical documentation? You have quality initiatives in every area of your business, but do you have a quality initiative for your technical documentation? Low quality technical documentation is very expensive. The

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How to Improve Technical Documentation to Exceed Your Business Goals

Creating technical documentation that is clear, concise, and consistent will ensure safe and easy installation, use, and maintenance of your products by your clients or your service technicians. This results in greater cost efficiency and operational flexibility. Safety and regulatory – ensure compliance with the highest safety and regulatory requirements including: ASD-STE 100, DITA, Plain

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tekom-Jahrestagung 2017

Oktober 24 – 26, 2017, Messe, Stuttgart, Germany Etteplan speaks about improving your business by Connecting Industry 4.0 (IoT) to technical documentation.

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