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Etteplan to speak at Best Practices Conference

Etteplan to speak at Best Practices Conference

Etteplan to speak at Best Practices Conference

September 10-12, Seattle

Controlled Language Implementations – The Road to Success

Providing your end users with good and correct information is no sinecure and will help save cost. There are a number of standards, style guides and specifications that will help you with this process, but with so many around (that sometimes contradict each other), it is easy to lose control. Moreover, is it sufficient to provide authors with software tools and a set of instructions?

Although standards like Simplified Technical English are a great basis to ‘control’ your authoring, unlike the name, implementing it is not a simple thing to do. It takes the right mindset, tools and processes to prevent you from going to wrong way.

What are the secrets to a successful implementation of a controlled language? And what are the secrets to truly improving your content?

At Best Practices Roy Wijnen, Product Manager and STE Trainer at Etteplan, will provide the necessary insights.

This year’s Conference Theme: Necessary Evil or Valued Partner?

Is your department viewed as an important contributor to your corporate success and reputation? Over 40% of CIDM members in 2017 indicated that they were not. With information development teams perceived as important but not impactful or, in some cases, even as unnecessary or a detractor from success, technical communication managers are looking for definitive ways to establish and prove their team’s value to the company. Join us in Seattle as we focus on developing your elevator pitch, assessing your importance to end users, creating a plan for corporate buy-in, marketing your capabilities, and increasing your value and also the value of your team.

For more information about Best Practices, please visit the website.

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