Webinar: Achieve Cost Savings and Operational Excellence Through Documentation

August 25, 2016
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In a market facing challenges it’s crucial to look for ways to save money that doesn’t hurt your efforts to become leaner and more productive. Documentation is often regarded as a necessary evil in projects; however, there are ways to improve documentation that will lead to lower costs, drive operational excellence.

In this 30-minute webinar, we will discuss how to accelerate your project’s time-to-market to deliver documentation:

  • on time, with high quality, and in any language
  • at the lowest cost and in compliance with contractual requirements
  • that achieves minimal downtime with your service business
  • that maximizes profit using both long term strategies as well as quick wins

Job roles that will benefit from this learning session include:

  • CFOs / Controllers / Finance Managers / Supply Chain Management / Contract Managers
  • Program Managers / Product Managers / Project Managers
  • Engineering Managers / Technology Services Advisors / Technical Documentation Managers
  • Drilling Managers / Service & Maintenance Managers / HSE Managers
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