Webinar: Understanding the Impact of the Internet of Things on Service

November 22, 2016
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For many OEMs, the service (aftermarket) business is currently growing at twice the rate of other business units. However, the cost of service is very high and maintenance issues are often also managed inefficiently. In a traditional model the service engineer would first need to go onsite, inspect the problem, order spare parts and go back a second time to perform the actual maintenance. Such a call costs several hundred dollars.

In addition, research has found that it takes a service engineer up to 50% to troubleshoot an issue as maintenance information is often not up-to-date and difficult to find, use or understand due to the way it’s delivered in the form of complex and ambiguous information in lengthy PDF files.

Industrial IoT enables OEMs to collect, analyze, and capitalize on machine data, which changes the whole process of service: from early detection, predictive maintenance, to maintenance as a service.

OEMs can gain competitive advantage and improve their service performance significantly by using real-time data about the service needs to create new service offerings and generate new revenue streams.

During this free webinar, we will discuss how companies are adopting IoT to improve their service business and how combined data coming from sensors is used to simplify the service process, reduce costs, and turn the service business into a more significant profit center.



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