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STE E-Learning Course

Learn how to write Simplified Technical English in your own time!

E-Learning Course

About This Course

Learn how to create clear, concise and consistent content. Over 3 hours of video material divided in 11 sections, plus exercises.

Key Features

  • Available for both companies and freelance writers
  • Learn STE in your own time


STE E-Learning Course

Available to both freelance writers and enterprises, our STE e-learning course will help you get the best out of your enterprise content. You'll be guided through the theory behind clarity in writing in over 3 hours of video material, divided in 11 sections plus exercises to ensure you understood the learning material. Once purchased, you will receive a link plus login information to our online e-learning portal. You'll then have 2 months to complete the course, after which you'll receive a certificate of attendance.

You will also receive a free copy of our content checker software HyperSTE during these 2 months, so sign up today!

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