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Onsite Training

Etteplan offers a 2-day onsite training for up to 15 participants to learn how to create clarity in writing, save on translation cost and comply with style guides. As part of the training, participants can bring their own material, which will be shared and discussed with the group as part of a workshop.

Onsite Training

About This Course

Learn how to create clear, concise and consistent content during a 2-day workshop during which participants will learn the theory and how to apply this to their own content.

Key Features

  • Train up to 15 people in only 2 days
  • 40% reduction in word count

Content Optimization Software | HyperSTE

HyperSTE - Content Optimization Software

Our training courses can be purchased separately or as part of an HyperSTE implementation, in which case the training will also cover a section on how to best manage your terminology. HyperSTE assists writers by checking their content against the writing rules and vocabulary.

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