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Good Writing Builds Brands

If you are looking for content governance to ensure content quality and consistency across all your product information to ensure you speak with one voice to your customers, then HyperSTE is the right software for you.

HyperSTE does quality checks against 60+ writing rules for terminology, spelling, grammar, length, style and structure, plus you can create reports for quality metrics.

For a list of authoring and content management systems HyperSTE integrates with, please click here.

HyperSTE is available as a Cloud version and as an On-Premise version. Please contact us to determine which version is best for you.


  • Up to 2 platforms*
  • All rules, Reports and STE dictionary
  • Profile and Multiple dictionary management
  • Terminology and Sentence manager
  • Technical support
  • Terminology viewer

Please contact us if:

  • You’re looking for a content checker tool that works within your own firewall
  • Available as a subscription model and as a purchase solution
  • Available since 2003, based on over 20 years of development


With HyperSTE Cloud, the licenses, users, dictionaries, rules and settings are all managed in the HyperSTE Cloud Portal. In HyperSTE On-Premise, this is handled within your own IT environment.

Yes, please contact for more information.

Yes, we offer trial licenses. Please contact for more information.

Yes. Receiving writer training and a company dictionary with your terms included are highly recommended as this will save time and money in the long run. Furthermore, training will help reduce content even further (sometimes up to 40%) as one of the aspects of training is to learn how to focus on the ‘need-to-know’ and no longer use the ‘nice-to-know’. It's the combination of training, a company dictionary and HyperSTE that will give you the best results!

Once purchased, we will provide you with installation instructions.


Helped us gain an appreciation for non-English as first language speakers and writers (globally diverse audience).

Working through the course material provided and our own examples were enjoyable and helped us to learn how to write in a clear, consistent and concise way.

The trainer had an answer to every question, a solution to any problem. The training material was also enjoyable, we learned a lot.

HyperSTE - Content Optimization Software

HyperSTE is the leading technical writing software that checks your content against rules that will optimize your content for clarity, quality and cost savings. Create reports to get your quality score instantly.

HyperSTE - Content Governance Software

Get feedback on writing rules and terminology inside your authoring environment.

HyperSTE - Terminology Management Software

Manage your terminology with HyperSTE in a quick and easy manner.


Checks content

Checks your content against 60+ writing rules

Metrics reports

Reports for metrics, including quality score, translatability, similarity and Flesch Kincaid Grade

Plugin availability

Available as a plugin to support various authoring applications, including Microsoft Word, Adobe Framemaker, PTC Arbortext Editor, Oxygen XML Author, Oxygen XML Editor, Madcap Flare, WebX Systems UltraAuthor and Raytheon EAGLE. Check out the full list here.

Core dictionary

Comes with core dictionary with over 3,000 words

Portal access

Access to online portal with editor for checking content, terminology management and profile management, which can be shared by all users

Update own dictionary

Ability to update and maintain your own company dictionary with additional terms

Work with 3 dictionaries

Ability to work with up to 3 dictionaries at the same time


Technical support available through

Free 14 Day Trial

If you have any questions, contact us.