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References & Testimonials

References & Testimonials

This is a small selection of the great companies that use HyperSTE for their content quality, Simplified Technical English and (translation) cost-saving needs.

In addition to the below reference cases, please also check out some of the testimonials below. In addition to HyperSTE, our STE training courses are also highly evaluated.

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“At Gulfstream we use HyperSTE to apply STE to our fault isolation procedures. Etteplan is the company who produces it and it works great. I highly recommend them. HyperSTE will absolutely bring consistency and simplification to the authoring process. It was a good business decision to go to STE as we become more and more intertwined globally. One reason I recommend HyperSTE is the training, which is first class. Etteplan’s training and the trainer were awesome: most professional training I’ve had since my Air Force days. I was skeptical about using STE, but after day one of the training he had me selling the concept to others.”
Gulfstream, Aviation

“Helped us gain an appreciation for non-English as first language speakers and writers (globally diverse audience).”
Schlumberger, Oil & Gas

“The instructors were fantastic. Intelligent and accessible. I enjoyed the in-depth explanations about how to use language in an efficient way that is for the reader, not the writer. In the best of ways, I felt like I was back in university.”
Texas Instruments, Semiconductors

 “Working through the course material provided and our own examples were enjoyable and helped us to learn how to write in a clear, consistent and concise way.”
Bosch Security, Security & Communications

“The trainer had an answer to every question, solution to any problem. The training material was also enjoyable, we learnt a lot.”
AGCO, Agricultural Equipment

“By standardizing the process and structuring the content, many parts of the manuals can be exchanged, which saved a lot of time and money. For example, we now save up to 50% on translation costs.”
Boon Edam, Revolving doors & Security Barriers

“Finding unexpected translation issues when we worked on our own content was a crucial convincer to the team.”
Radiometer, Medical Devices

“The small details can have large impacts on efficiency. Great course and software!”
Elekta, Medical Devices

“The instructor’s knowledge was fully satisfying. Interesting training in each detail. HyperSTE helped us achieve considerable savings in documentation and translation.”
Electrolux, Household Appliances

“Really good instructor/student interaction – best course I’ve been on for years. HyperSTE is a powerful tool.”
MBDA, Defense

 I found the STE course to be excellent: a good mix of theory and practical work, combined with the instructor’s ability to get everyone involved. HyperSTE helped us create clarity if maintenance cards, which was a great help to our service technicians.”
American Airlines, Aviation