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Boon Edam business case

Boon Edam business case
Boon Edam business case2019-01-21T11:29:44+01:00

Handling a high quality standard for technical documentation with HyperSTE

Boon Edam

Royal Boon Edam is a global market leader in entry solutions. Headquartered in the Netherlands, with 140 years of experience in engineering quality, Boon Edam gained extensive expertise in managing the movement of people through office buildings, airports, healthcare facilities, hotels and many other types of buildings. Boon Edam is focused on providing an optimal experience for our clients and their clients, focussing on 3 key areas: sustainability, security and service.


  • Handling a high quality standard for technical documentation
  • Introducing status and audit management for technical documentation
  • Ensuring that all manuals could be developed and maintained globally
  • Ensuring that one language is used and that would all work on one platform
  • Providing a basis for product training


  • The manuals have a more professional look and are a lot more user-friendly
  • By standardizing the process and structuring the content, many parts of the manuals can be exchanged, which saved a lot of time and money. For example, Boon Edam now saves up to 50% on translation costs.


Before (20 words): The material may be damaged or the operation of the product affected if the installation procedure is not followed correctly.

After (7 words)To prevent damage, do the procedures correctly.