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Elevate your Customer Experience through Better Writing

Highly valued courses to help create great content

Content plays a key role in the field of digitalization as it has an important impact on the customer experience, where good quality content will help grow and create new business and service models, as well as ensure safe product use.

Because of this key role, it is important to create content that accurate, clear, aligned, and easy to find by your customers. Thanks to Etteplan's technical writing courses, companies can maximize the value of their enterprise content.

Over the past years, Etteplan, with accredited trainers, has trained over 3,200 technical writers in many industries. In addition to our onsite and online courses, we are now the first company in the world to offer a comprehensive e-learning course on writing in Simplified Technical English, available to both companies and freelance writers around the world.

The e-learning course will include a free subscription of our HyperSTE solution for 2 months, so sign up today!

Key Features

  • Train up to 15 people in only 2 days
  • 40% reduction in word count

Key Features

  • Available for both companies and freelance writers
  • Learn STE in your own time

Key Features

  • Up to 10 participants per workshop
  • Learn how to apply STE to your own content


40% less content

Writers learn to focus on the 'need-to-know' only

40% time reduction

Less content to write and review means less time

60% less costs

Less time means less costs, including translations and hidden (support) costs


Helped us gain an appreciation for non-English as first language speakers and writers (globally diverse audience).

Working through the course material provided and our own examples were enjoyable and helped us to learn how to write in a clear, consistent and concise way.

The trainer had an answer to every question, a solution to any problem. The training material was also enjoyable, we learned a lot.

HyperSTE - Content Governance Software

HyperSTE is the leading content governance software that assists writers by helping them check their content against writing rules and vocabulary. When you purchase our e-learning course we'll include a free copy of our HyperSTE software for the duration of the course, which will be 2 months.

Who We Are

+3200 Writers Trained

Etteplan has trained over 3200 writers and Subject Matter Experts in various industries.

Certified Trainers

Etteplan is the first company to have received an official Certificate from the UNINETTUNO UNIVERSITY to give STE Training

+3500 Specialists

Of which 650 in technical documentation, located in 76 offices around the world

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In case you have any questions on how our courses can help you evaluate your customer experience, ensure safe product use, and save costs, contact us today!